Pyro's Life: April 2005 </A>

Saturday, April 30, 2005

From the iBook

NP- Miss Delaney
by Jacks Mannequin

A whole lot has happened in the last ten days, including my POS HP's hard drive dying on me. Long story short, I took it to Best Buy for repairs (thanks to a three year warranty) and they had to ship it to Best Buy. I was gonna be out a laptop for about 6 weeks, and I knew I couldn't last that long (pathetic, I know). So, I figured after repairs, I'd sell my HP regardless, so I decided to go for a mac. After searching a little, I bought a 14' iBook. After a week, I got it today and its quite spiffy. I'm still playing around with it and stuff, but its sleek as heck and the battery lasts forever.

Dave and I have been hanging out together a bit, we played guitar yesterday then hit Sons of Provo, then we hit Phantom of the Opera tonight. Pretty cool show.

New Jacks Mannequin songs up (bootleg vids from their concert in Berkeley CA). Pretty sweet, can't wait for the real versions to come out. July's when it's scheduled for release. Can't wait.

GarageBand is the solution to moving my project forward, I'm working on some new stuff right now and learning how to use GaradgeBand slowly.

As far as the Stake Dance last friday, that was an interesting evening... too tired to rant bout it though.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005


NP- Holiday From Real
by Jack's Mannequin
I can't wait for this CD to come out... I've listened to both songs over two-hundred and fifty times (total) and can't wait for Jack's Mannequin to actually release a CD...
Well, its like midnight and I have to get up for Jazz Band tomorrow, so I'm stupid being up so late. But I was in search of the ultimate tone and tried to get something done with my little side project. Didn't get a ton done tonight. I tried earlier, without success. It seems inspiration always tends to hit me late at night.
Alright /End Rant

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Geekin Out

NP- Crab
by Weezer
Friday, I went to a stake dance. Little did I know, it was 80's themed, so I prayed for some great classic 80's rock. Of course, I got none. They played none. I'm positive that Vindicated wasn't written in the 80's either.
So, I requested the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the guys formed in '83, so of course, they're naturally an 80's band. And after they said they'd play it, they don’t.
So, we requested Weezer. Sure they're a 90's band, but there were too many techno songs and songs from today playing anyways. So, we went on a Weezer Revolution.
Did the typical sign-making and parading around and gathered a bunch of people together to chant 'Weezer'. Not nearly as successful as last time, we got less then half the people I did last time. But still, had about 20-25 people chanting 'Weezer'. Then the dude threatened that if we kept doing it, he wouldn't play it. So we asked politely and he put them on the list, and the stupid guy didn’t play any Weezer.
Any hopes of rebellion slowly fell through, but in a last ditch effort, and because I was bored, I decided to hop on stage during the 80's judging competition. Of course, I didn't really look from the 80's at all, but with my stolen black glasses donned, I hopped on stage, paused for a moment and flashed the good old =w= (weezer symbol for those of you who don't know or care). Then we decided 'psh, this dance suxors' and went to Jack and Jill's for the rest of the evening.
Saturday, I don't remember a lot of. It was mostly a do school work and mow lawns day. Which I did.
I developed some kind of back injury from the dance, most likely from doing my scary knee-and-head thrust move thingy. So I'm all achy and stuff.
Promise to get a track up soon of some sort, gotta get some inspiration. I'll probably be working on the tune for something upbeat just cause I've been working with a certain slow song forever and it's frustrating the heck out of me. But regardless, I'll post a link on here whenever it's done. Here's hoping I start it tomorrow
Oh, I got a good score on my first driving test thingy. 76/80, meaning I only missed 2 questions out of 40. Yay me. Now to get my other grades up...
By the way, looking for some cool band name (even though there isnt really a band yet), so lets call it a 'solo project name'. Something cool, think for me and email me any cool suggestions, or post them in the spiffy comment box within this. So yup, I'm gonna get in the shower and attempt to get a decent night's sleep.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Spastic and Tired at the SAME TIME (gasp)!

NP - Fortune Faded
by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Time: Around one in the morning. How stupid am I?
Well, it's been a while since I've ranted to the three of you (including myself) who actually read this garbage. Considering that most of you switched to Myspace, I got myself one of those spiffy accounts with those yucky adveritisements all over (bleh) just so I could feel connected with the rest of the world. I really hate Myspace, just cause it's blogging software sucks. Though, the whole being connected with your buddies is cool. My only problem with Myspace is my MSN thingy freaking blocks it (darn you MSN... someone needs to write MacSN so we can make bajillions). So, I can't get on it and crap, think it will be great publicity when I can clean up some tracks and send them out to the world for everyone to critique.
Oh, by the way, I finally got my POD.
I'm a tad bit miffed though. My recording software absolutely sucks for editing (but hey, it was free). I will be tracking down a copy of Adobe Audition very very soon...
Second thing is that this POD doesn’t have a mod of the good old Marshall JCM-900. The ONE amp I want to snag most considering that everyone and their dogs play through them
(Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, My Chemical Romance, Blink-182, the list goes on and on and on...). So now if I want to get it, I have to invest 50 bucks in a friggin' MOD pack from Line 6. Already looked on Ebay, and tried illegally downloading it, both without success. I figure 'screw that', I'm not blowing 50 bucks for a bunch of amps when I only need one more :P. Anyone cool who could somehow read this and wants to somehow send me the JCM-900 MOD, please contact me immediately so I can fulfill my quest for tone.
I realized I'm a huge effects junky. Both a good and bad thing. For those of you who don't know what it means, don't worry about it. Guitar thing, I like to mess with lots of effects. Amen.
Got my Red Hot Chili Peppers CD (finally) and have been addicted to it ever since. Those guys are absolutely awesome. Source of inspiration? I think so.
I wonder what a band is going to sound like with these funky inspirations from all over (that is, when things FINALLY click and I can manage to start something). Think Red Hot Chili Peppers meet Jack's Mannequin in a bar and go hang out with Something Corporate at a Brand New concert. I pray that it doesn't sound like that, cause that's going WAY over the edge.
Been working on some projects, I've probably given a few little samples of songs to friends of mine. I apologize for the acoustic tracks, but when you're recording your acoustic guitar through a 35 dollar vocal microphone that your buddy's mom bought once upon a time from Radio Shack (and you stole it for a few weeks), the quality isn't amazing.
Anyone cool out there who is a hellofalotbetter at mixing then I am, please notify me and help me out.
My ultimate plan is to write my butt off and rehearse and record my butt off this summer, hopefully land a gig at the Apolo or something. Oh, actually finding other people to play with would be cool. I figure I might have to hunt down Scott and John to play for us.
And if that fails, so help me, I will get an EP out of my solo crap sometime.
Too tired to rant about me being a geek at the dance. I'll do that tomorrow when it's not one thirty in the morning. I have to get up tomorrow too... joy.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Get out of this place while we still have time...

NP-By The Way
by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Yes, I know that the title is NOT from the song By The Way. It's a Jimmy Eat World song on their cd 'Futures'. Think that might even be the name of the song... I can't remember, its too dang late to think.
Thank heavens for the All Request Moshpit. Thank you X96 for giving me something to do at midnight. I need to invest in 'The Best of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' and 'This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In' whenever I have extra money laying around that I'm doing nothing with.
Apparently, I'm supposed to get my last 65 bucks tomorrow morning meaning I can (finally) purchase my PODXT.
I've been way too reflective the last few weeks. It's a matter of accepting certain things and realizing that sometimes people end up in different directions. It's an interesting perspective to take when finding out who your friends really are. The question is, when no one's left, who do you turn to?
I want to write, but I think I could fall asleep at any second. I have to get up tomorrow for Conference. Essentially, I'll be listening to conference while working on the buttload of homework I have to do. Then after the homework's done, I'll do my Financial Lit stuff online. I already finished Health online and I found that fairly easy. The essays weren’t too fun, but weren’t terrible either.
Bleh, I wanna go to some kind of concert. Here is hoping Taylor comes with Mitch and I to go see Army of Freshmen. My weekend is essentially predetermined because of conference all day tomorrow, then my Saturday Night is taken away because of the Priesthood Session. Then Sunday is obviously taken away.
I swear, I can't think of a time I have wanted to just get away from absolutely everyone and everything more then right now.
I'm just kind of sick of the life I'm living. I've had this strong urge to just 'get away'. I don’t know where I'd really go, but I really wish I could just get out and be completely alone somewhere with my guitar. Would give me a chance to write and stuff. Not like I'd be that way forever, but even a few days alone somewhere with all my equipment recording a few tracks and stuff would be cool. Even better, being able to get out to some local place or something and meet new people.
Actually, lets just say both. Write during the day, socialize at night. That would be a great week off from life.
I'm looking forward to staying in Idaho. That really will be a great opportunity to get away from everything. I can do whatever classes I want to do online in the daytime and jam in the evening. Restoring the old Strat is going to be a fun project as well and I imagine I'll be able to learn quite a bit. Nice to get away from my friends and family for a while too and just abandon life to hang out in a different state with different people. There's all these cool little things I want to do or try, but something's always holding me back. Be it time, resources, or parents, it's always something.
I think part of a cause of this want to get 'away' is caused by repression by my mom. She is a very very overprotective person and it really irritates me sometimes. I love her to death, but I swear...
Alright, enough whining, I'm getting to bed.