Pyro's Life: June 2005 </A>

Thursday, June 30, 2005


by Something Corporate

[1:24 PM]
I'm going to have to do this in pieces because the day isn't even halfway over. Right now I'm in the process of packing and kinda lounging around waiting to take a quick shower and talking to Meg while I still have the chance. My plan for the day consists of actually attempting to shower (heaven forbid) and see Meg one last time before I take off. I'm kinda stoked for the plane ride, I think it will give me an hour or so surounded by people, yet entirely alone, to write.

Inspiration has hit pretty hard today, I'm pressing forward writing halfway decent stuff. A lot of it, ironically enough, has flowed through conversation. So I'm trying to collect it all together to (hopefully) write something good. Musically, we'll see what I can do at Dan's.

Well, I have an open opportunity at taking a shower, so I'm going for it.

[5:42 PM]
After a bit of difficulty, I made it to the bank and finally changed my debit card number, only took forever to finally get out of the house... Then I stopped over to Megs and we talked for probably about ten minutes or so. Then we had one last kiss goodbye and I left for home to go pack...

Packed my stuff, grabbed some food, said by to my family, and left with my dad to the airport.

Waited at the airport for like an hour and a half and my plane was delayed for 20 minutes or so. Got on the plane and had a pretty smooth ride the whole way there.

[11:00 PM][In the air, writing an email to Meg]

Hey babe,

Not even day one and I already miss you. Right now I'm in the plane and its like 10:30 or so, and I didn't really wanna read anything or sleep, so I decided to say hi :).

After I got home from your place, I just basically finished packing and hung out around the house a little and stuff, double checked to make sure I had everything and then ended up leaving the house a little after seven. After we finally got to the airport, we sat there waiting for the plane for at least an hour and a half, then my flight was delayed about 20 minutes (so not terribly bad) and I finally got on.

I wasn't quite sure what to think considering I haven't been on a plane before. It's a whole lot smaller then I thought it would be and I didn't end up with a window seat.

Wow, I just realized I wrote two paragraphs about driving to the airport and telling you what the inside of the plane is like... I think I'm losing it babe :).

lol, anyways, I miss you a ton already. Sorry I can't think of a ton of cute things to say right now, my brain isn't working. I was really hit with a bit of inspiration to write earlier today but fatigue has pretty much run any good ideas out of my head.... It's hard to have inspiration when your inspiration is hundreds of miles away in another city...

But hopeful;ly something productive will come out of the trip. Dan and I are hitting a Lonestar concert (a song you'd probably know by them would be 'Amazed', its like 'Baby, I'm amazed by you'. They pretty much play it at every dance :P) tomorrow evening because his wife, Monica, won four premium seat tickets off the radio, so I'm like in the fifth row, which is pretty cool.

Plans for the rest of the trip aren't really certain. We're going to Oregon sometime probably next week and going four wheeling and stuff, which should be pretty fun. Then we're restoring his old Strat (a guitar), jamming a ton, and hopefully I can get some stuff completely recorded and mastered. If I manage to get anything completely done, maybe I'll send it to you or something :). I'm sorry I didn't get to play for you before, I suck anyways so I'm sure that you aren't too disappointed ;).

But yeah, nine days away from you... It's killing me already. I'll try to get a hold of you whenever I possibly can, hopefully without hurting Dan's long distance bill too much.

Thank you again, for giving me something to remember you buy while I'm gone. I hope you don't forget about me entirely, but get out there and try to have some fun. I love you and will definitely be thinking about you a ton :).

It's funny, I've had a few friends try to tell me that "no, you don't 'love' her" and that I'm "too young" to understand what love means. I told them that I thought that something like 'love' comes in stages. People who think they know what love is when they are fifteen will have a different definition of what it is who are thirty. Yet, people who are thirty will have a completely definition of what love is than a couple who is sixty. So I guess that something like 'love' always changes, no one completely understands it, yet I don't think anyone has to. We all know at least a piece of it on a certain level and we're always growing and learning more about it.

I figure that no one else has a place in defining what they believe 'love' should be for me. I can truly tell you that I sincerely love you without any doubt in my mind that I do. You are by far the most amazing person I have ever met and I can't imagine going through a day without thinking about you. It's hard enough being away for a day, nine might be a little tricky for me :). I don't think I have ever cared for someone in the way that I care for you. Thank you so much for absolutely everything and an amazing two weeks. I'm a much happier person because of you and you just complete me in a way... All the stupid, petty little things just seem to disappear and now I have a reason to look forward to each and every day knowing that I'll get to see you smile, talk with you, kiss you gently, or just hold you...

Wow... reading over that I just realized that I got a little deep... I'm sorry if any of that scared the heck out of you. Some of my stupid friends said something about the whole love thing and that just kinda got me thinking a bit, so sorry for the emotional dump :).

lol, alright well I have spent the entire flight writing this letter, I'll send it whenever I land and make it to Dan's house. Thank you so much for listening to me ramble on and taking the time to read this. You are an amazing person and I love you more then you know.

Please try to have some fun this week, don't forget how much I love you.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Guess I could wait...

by Something Corporate

Today was one of those days where once second, you don't know what exactly you're doing, and the next, you're somewhere else...

I woke up and just kinda bummed around the house and cleaned a little bit mostly because I knew I had company most likely comming in the evening. We had a pretty bad storm over here all day long today so I didn't really get out of the house a ton, at least in the day.

Called Meg and tried to work out a plan for the evening, we ended up planning on doing something later in the evening after I had mutual. It was a little tricky and after the evening was all said and done, looking back on it I'm surprized things actually worked out.

Around six thirty, I left to meet with the teacher's quorum because we had planned on taking a bike trip through provo canyon. I thought it would have been canceled due to weather, but the skies cleared up, so we went.

I was in a bit of a rush, because I really wanted to get home and see Meg for as long as I possibly could before I took off for Idaho. So I kinda tried to go as fast as I could, but of course even though Cole, Dave and I made it off the trail first, I forgot to consider the fact that everyone else doesn't go quite as fast as the three of us do ;). The actual ride was really great though, beautiful scenary, and during the trip, we passed under a bridge. Kinda lame, but as tradition follows, I held my breath and made a wish (I'll probably read this later in my life and think 'what a fruit...'). That plays in a little before the evenings ends, otherwise I wouldn't have put it. So anyways, after the traid we headed to a local Subway and grabbed some food while we waited for everyone else to finish.

Finally made it home around 9:30, which was a bit later then I told Meg that I would get home, and she supposedly had to leave at 10:30 presenting a little bit of a problem for us...

She managed to buy some time, and she was able to stay till after the show got over.

So, Cole was already over, and Meg was comming with her sister Mollie (I appolodgize if I spelled her name wrong...). They made it around 10 or so and we watched School of Rock.

Alright, I figure 'what the heck', so I'll post the rest of it considering that there are maybe two people total who actually read this. I kinda like not having lots of people reading it, just because it gives me a chance to say whatever I want :). So, if you don't wanna read me getting all emo on you, stop reading this ;).

I question how much of the movie Meg and I actually watched, we basically just cuddled the whole time trying to fit nine days of not seeing each other into a single evening. It was so great to be able to see her again, she's just such an amazing person... We just did cute little things the whole time with each other and just kinda would gently kiss each other on the neck and stuff. The whole evening was really cool, and things were just really cool the whole evening.

We went a little over curfew for Meg (even though she didn't have a set curfew) so her mom called just as the movie was getting over...

So we were just lying on the ground while the credits of the movie rolled and I can't even really tell you what happened before we kissed. It was just kinda out of no where, somewhat expected by both of us, but I really can't even being to describe how it happened. Then I said something about 'letting me try that again' so I was able to do a better job then the first time (in my opinion), and a little longer then the first again.

So, we just stood up, cause we had to leave and were telling each other how much we were going to miss seeing each other and had one last kiss goodbye...

Now, that one took the cake :).

For lack of being too descriptive, I won't get too in depth with that. It was definitely the best of the three and the longest. I swear, it seemed like it would just keep going on. It almost seems like I could hold on to that one forever...

After a little while, we headed upstairs and into the car. Drove home and I walked her into her house. I decied it might be smart to appolodgize to her mom just to smooth things over (about being a little late) so I did. Then I gave her one last hug and she kissed my neck before I left...

And now, I don't get to see her for the next 11 days...

Well it's two in the morning, and I want to write a little more before I get to bed. So I'm off.

Oh, on a side note: Kara (the one and only person who reads this), kinda ironic that it was School Of Rock, huh ;)


Thursday, June 23, 2005


[Yeah, I kinda forgot to post this one too... the original date of it seems like I sent it on June 23rd, 2005... so I'll cheat and change the 'blogger' date back a little for filing purposes...]

[oh yeah, totally forgot this too:]
[NP-Mrs. Potter's Lullaby by Counting Crows]


I decided to email you just to tell you what's going on and stuff. I still can't wait for Saturday so I can see you again. Hopefully you're still having fun up there at girls camp, doing whatever it is you do up there.

I came home from SLC yesterday with Jordan and we stopped off at Target and bought some CD's and stuff then kinda hung around home till it was time to leave for the concert in the evening. We picked up Trish and headed up to Orem around seven or so and met two of my other guy friends up there. It was a really fun concert, I like smaller local concerts a lot just because you can get really close to stage and get to talk to the musicians and stuff.

But yeah, it was fun. You and Karlee missed out :P.

Today I feel extremely unproductive, I can't write anything at all and I've done practically nothing and it's 3:30 already...

So, I'm gonna find something somewhat productive to do. I miss you tons and can't wait to see you!



Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Day Two

[The following is from an email I wrote to Meg while she's gone at girls camp. You should know by now I'm too lazy to type my life all over again (Dave especially). So, I'll take the easy way out...]


Well, day two of girls camp and I miss you already, so I decided 'hmm, maybe I'll just bug her with these dumb little emails...'

Anyways, I'm in Salt Lake right now in my granny's back yard (don't you love wireless internet) with my cousin Jordan just kinda chillin'. I spent the night up here cause I decided I wanted to see her and spend a little time with her before I leave for Idaho. She took a very long drive from Redlands, California to get here and I don't get to see her that often, so we're spending a little time hanging out and catching up. Of course, I'm bragging you up ;).

Anyways, we're headed to that Army of Freshmen and Abby Normal concert later tonight (the one I wanted you to come to, but noooooooo... you had to be at girls camp :P).

But, you and I will definitely need to plan something next week, here's hoping you can come over and we can watch a movie at my place or something. Of course, Karlee is invited too, just cause she's so dang cool.

And then, I'm guessing I'll see you on Saturday, only two days away, but it seems like forever... We will definitely have to hang out before the dance, i really don't care what we do, but I'll leave it up to you. And if for some reason you don't wanna plan it, make Karlee do it :).

lol, I watched Hitch AGAIN last night with Jordan, my aunt, and my granny. It brought back a few memories of last Tuesday... ;)

Anyways, I miss you tons. I hope you and Karlee are having the time of your life, chatting it up about all the hot guys you know and how you're stick with a loser like me ;).

lol, later babe, I love you.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I don't want to sleep and miss this chance to dream while I'm awake

NP-Letters to Noel
by Something Corporate

Today was amazing.

Got up for range, which wasn't awesome, then Dave came over and we played guitar for about five or six hours, which was cool cause we managed to write quite a bit of stuff. Then I went to Mutual, which was also not fun.

Came home and finally made plans with Meg to hang out with her today and went up to her cousin Jen's house with a few other people and watched Hitch. That was probably one of the best evenings I have had in a very long time. I just felt like everything was finally right... Meg is such an amazing person. Everything is awesome...

Man, isnt it weird how one preson can change everything?


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Its Been A Bad Day...Another Bad Day

NP- Bad Days
by Something Corporate

Andrew McMahon has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia and is now in the LA hospital, which really sucks. All Jacks Mannequin and Something Corporate shows scheduled have been canceled, which really sucks. What sucks even more is that one of the most creative writers, and an extremely talented musician, has been diagnosed with cancer.

He is apparently, expected to make a full recovery, so here's hoping he does...

I've gotten up every day to be at Drivers Ed by six thirty in the morning, and that has majorly done a number on me as far as sleep goes. The last few days have kinda sucked for me, probably due to lack of sleep or certain events between me and a few other people occuring... Lucky for me, that has somewhat been worked out, but of course, things aren't the same.

Creatively, I've hit a block. A big fat humongous creativity block. I can't write (musicly or lyrically) and what I do end up writing/recording doesn't come out at all how I want it to come out. I've got to find some magical way to end that.

Had to have an MRI yesterday, which wasn't fun. My appointment was for 3:30 and it didn't begin till 4:45 or so. Then I had to sit inside that little tube thing for like an hour and a half while these weird loud sounds blaired, it kinda gave me a headache and I came out a little disoriented.

After I came home though, I was totally wasted, I ended up sleeping instead of doing anything Saturday night. Then I slept in from 9 Saturday night till noon today. and I still have a headache and am a little tired, go figure :).

But, enough complaining. I did have some really good things happen this week. Even though creatively, I haven't made any real progress, I made a little. Got a tiny bit of recording done (woot). Got my braces off (yet I still have a retainer, I hate this thing), Kara came over Friday night, which made me feel a whole lot better. I can't thank you enough for spending like five hours sitting on that swing with me just talking, heaven knows I needed it. I also now have my trip to Idaho scheduled, which is definately a good thing for me. I leave the end of this month and we're doing a buttload of fun stuff. Hitting Warped Tour in Idaho the day before I leave, having really long Jam Sessions, rebuilding Dan's Strat, it's just gonna be a ton of fun. Dan even paid for my plane ticket (regardless of the fact that I told him not to). I'm really looking forward to it. Also, I finally sold my HP, meaning that I took quite a large dent out of my debt for the iBook. But of course, I have a wishlist a mile long. I still wanna get that iPod that I was going to purchase last year, but I kinda knocked that back. I kinda need it now, because my other MP3 player has kinda broke... have to get a Shure SM57 Mic too.

Well, my somewhat gloomy attitude pulled a 180, Dave and I made plans to record. I'm stoked now, cause its so much more fun to work with someone else as well.