Pyro's Life: July 2005 </A>

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Oral Surgery

NP- Everything Is Alright
by Motion City Soundtrack

Alright, since I haven't ranted about anything for a while I decided I should rant.

Tuesday I don't recall a lot of, Meg stopped by to wish me good luck before I had my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday, which I thought was really sweet of her. She just does all these really cute things :).

Went on a really long bike ride for Mutual, which was fun.

Wednesday is a blur, I remember going in and then having an IV, and then next thing I knew I was in the car or something... I just slept a lot I think, I really don't have much of a clue of what happened on Wednesday :P.

Thursday was amazing, one of the best days I've had in forever... I woke up feeling great and then found out that our family was getting cell phones which is awesome. I've been waiting for that for like, ever to finally have a cell phone plan. After that, went to Orem with my mom and bought my new Vox AC-30CCH, which is awesome. Only thing is, I can't use the freakin' thing till I buy the cabinet, which is gonna cost me another 450 bucks...

But, I come home to find that Meg is waiting for me at my house :). So we just spent the whole day together, talking in the back yard, then came inside and started a movie. But it was great to just spend the whole day with her. I won't get into details on everything cause I'm sure I can remember them quite well. But in short, the whole day was amazing and it was hard to finally say goodbye when she had to leave...

Thursday I was really tired and slept a ton... kinda depressed all day which wasnt fun. Then I finally decided that I need to go for a drive so a little after 11, my dad and I drove around for a good fourty five minutes. That made me feel quite a bit better.

Right now, I'm not quite sure what to think, just reflecting on how amazing Thursday was and how much I wish I could go back to that day...

Geez, I'm sleepy.


Monday, July 25, 2005

One of these days she's gonna throw the whole bottle down...

NP- Another Horsedreamer's Blues
by Counting Crows

Amazing song, I've definitely overlooked this one... Great story, great lyrics...

Covering a week of stuff... hmm. Mostly a week of making money. I spent three days finishing my grandparents ceiling, which I must say, looks pretty good now. Now I'm finishing our kitchen ceiling, which is what I spent today (Saturday) doing.

I'll cover the important days in more detail. Ironically enough, all important days are the ones I spent with Meg :)...

Thursday night, I went with Dave to a local concert and met Meg, Kar, and Lisa there we all just kinda hung out and listened the whole time (I guess, what you're supposed to do at a Battle of the Bands). Most of the bands really sucked, it was amazing to see how few people had rhythm or had any timing whatsoever...

Friday I can't recall... just worked all night.

Saturday I mowed my grandpa's lawn then came home and finished our kitchen ceiling. Took a shower and cleaned my room while I waited for Meg to come over.

It was cool for it to just be her and I just because it didn't feel like we had to worry about entertaining a third wheel... For those of you who have ever been the third wheel, I sincerely appologize. I know its not fun.

But, beyond that... we went in the backyard and talked for a while then went on a walk. Stopped off at the church on 350 west and hung out in the shade for a little while. It was awesome to be able to talk to her more on a personal level and have it just be the two of us.

After that, we went to my grandma's house for a little bit cause it was her birthday. So we dropped by to say 'happy birthday' and stuff. After that, went back to the backyard and talked some more and watched the illegal fireworks behind us. A far cry from what we could've gone to see somewhere else, but that kinda fell through... No worries though, cause it was still fun.

After I got eaten alive by mosquitoes, we came inside and just spent the rest of the night on the couch drifting in and out of conversation. It was great to be able to be with her again... the whole evening was great.

Dropped her off at her house and snagged a drink from Walkers before I headed back home.

Came home and couldn't sleep, so I read a bit of Harry Potter just waiting till I felt tired. Then around two or so, I launched into a hypoglycemic attack which was really scary... my head wasn't quite right. I could think straight, but it was like all these weird things were intruding in on my thoughts. The line from Another Horsedreamer's Blues: 'One of these days she's gonna throw the whole bottle down...' ran through my head and to be honest, scared the hell out of me. I don't know quite what was wrong with me, I went upstairs and tried to eat as much as I possibly could in hopes of getting my blood sugar back up. I don't know why, but 'I'm just another boy from texas' ran through my mind over and over again too, and I don't know why... I was really screwed up that night. I finally fell asleep around 3 after fighting with myself to do so.

Geez, freaky...


Monday, July 18, 2005

Saving Ebay Fees

Pictures of my amp posting here so I don't have to pay to list em on ebay. Woot

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Warped Tour (And More!)

NP-I Caught Fire
by The Used

Well, seems like I have a bit to cover since I've been procrastinating, this whole weekend has been absolutely amazing...

Friday I honestly can't recall what I did in the day, mostly just hanging out and stuff. Meg and I made plans to hang out a little bit before the Street Dance later that evening, so I went over to her place for a little while. We got to her place and took a little walk together alone around the block, which was cool to be able to be with her alone and have a conversation. I really would love to know her a lot better then I already do on a different level then I do now, so we both decided we're gonna try to learn a little more about each other. Which, I think, is a very good thing.

Anyways, after a little while of hanging out at her place, we headed down to the dance. Trish and Mariah were there and by the looks of the dance, it seemed pretty dead... So we decided that it wasn't worth the money it took to get in and headed to Yogurt Parlor. I think I was the only one who actually got Yogurt, so I shared :).

Headed back to my place, but my parents weren't home. So, we just hung out in the back yard for a while (Figured that they wouldn't want us in the house if they weren't home). Cole kept lighting things on fire, which was entertaining to watch, even better to see was him and Mollie actually talking to each other *gasp*. While Cole and Mollie were occupied, Meg and I were "occupied" as well. For lack of description, we shared an extremely amazing kiss. Things felt perfect again, like the world was going in the right direction for me again.

Trish, Beth, and Mariah came over and we all watched The Wedding Singer. Took Mariah home at 11, Meg, Cole, and Mollie home at 11:30, and Beth left a little after midnight.

Trish and I were out a bit later then that...

We went out to her car and talked about absolutely everything for over an hour, it was past one in the morning by the time she finally drove away. It's really cool to see how close we've gotten as friends and to be able to talk about anything.

Afterwards, I was up a little later doing who knows what, then I finally went to bed.

Saturday: Warped Tour

Got up round 8:45 and headed out with Trish and Mitch around 10. Mitch and I brought JM Postcards to hand out to everyone at tour cause we're on the JM Street Team. So we stood in a humongous line (the biggest line I've ever stood in) and it took us a good hour to actually get into the fair grounds.

After finally getting in, we found Beth and her and Trish watched Avenged Sevenfold while Mitch and I hunted for the JM booth and a drink. Caught the VERY end of the Thrice show (heard like 2 songs) and then searched for the JM booth some more. Checked in with Casper and took a buttload of postcards to go hand out to everyone. Went to see My Chemical Romance (Amazing show... we were too far away though, wish we could've gotten closer... Still, an amazing show.

Got more post cards and took a rest in the JM booth. Casper was amazingly awesome and said we were welcome to hang out as long as we wanted to. So of course, we handed out as many post cards as we could. He said it'd be ideal if he could get rid of all of the post cards in the box by the end of the day and I told him I thought that between Mitch and I we could get that taken care of.

Got some details from Casper about a few things. First off, Last Straw will NOT be on Everything In Transit, the flip flops will be $1 for a pair and should be here by august (he wouldn't tell me who's making them), and that he'd talked to Andrew two days before and he was up and around, said he didn't even really feel sick anymore. Which is awesome :).

As far as the other performances I heard while I was there, I saw the Transplants (not for more then a song, just wanted to see Travis), Fall Out Boy (which I left after two songs because I think they suck :P), MXPX, who put on an amazing show, Billy Idol which we were EXTREMELY close to the stage after fighting our way to the front (should have done that with the other bands). Billy's guitarist is an amazing soloist, played with his teeth and all that jazz. Billy was probably one of the best shows I saw there. Halifax also played an amazing show, though it was pretty short unfortunately. I got their guitarist's pick (which is in my wallet right now :)) and everyone seemed energetic and pumped to see them.

After deciding that I wanted to live at the JM tent (and handing out the entire box of postcards to everyone), we took a break and hung out with casper for a little while. Maverick had sent him a new iPod that day and a bunch of other stuff, which he seemed pretty stoked about. He said that we'd done the most promoting all tour long (I know that sounds like I'm talking myself up or bragging, sorry :P) and should submit an entry to become an ambassador and stuff. Considering there aren't any ambassadors in Utah yet it'll be nice to be able to be one and promote JM more. Casper gave us free T-shirts and stuff and said not to worry about helping him pack up the tent and that he could manage. So, we said goodbye and took off to see some more bands and stuff. Saw a few shows of people I hadn't heard of before (and still don't know the names of), and tour was an all around great experience (not to mention extremely hot, 110 degrees from 11 in the morning till 8:30 pm).

Our car had been towed, so it cost like 150 bucks to get it back... lesson is, don't park at Albertsons for over an hour...

Went to 7-11 and went home all nice and crispy from the day.

Sunday: I made 140 bucks from selling wands in one day. Woot.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Interesting Day...

by Jacks Mannequin

I don't know if I posted this in the last blog or not, but I now have the entire Jacks Mannequin album save for two songs. Its amazing :).

Anyways, not a ton to report today. My grandpa came over again and helped get my door finished (its a lot harder then I would have thought...) and then afterewards, Dave came over for a few hours and we played a little bit. Quite unproductive, but it was fun regardless. Then I babysat for a while and left with Trish to go shoot pool.

Yeah, that was pretty much my entire day.

I'm gonna go email my girlfriend, because I really need to cause I talked to her for like two minutes today...

so, bye :)


Happy Birthday Mom!

NP- I'm Ready
by Jacks Mannequin

First off, happy birthday Mom :)

I've got a whopping five days to cover, so I guess the only place I can start from would be the beginning.

I woke up early Saturday morning and caught my plane, got absolutely zero writing done on the plane as planned, I just couldn't quite get things to sort out in my head, so I ust enjoyed the flight back and stared out the window and occasionally tried to catch sleep.

So, I flew in and saw everyone, seemed like I hadn't seen my family in like forever, everyone seemed a little older (which I know sounds weird, but I haven't seen Katie in over two weeks). We loaded up in the car and headed home.

I came home to find that I finally had a door installed in my room, which is freaking awesome. Still needs a little work on it (finishing stuff, which my grandpa has been coming over every day to help me do) but its great to actually have a door now.

Came home and made plans with Meg and we met at the carnival a little later. It was awesome to be able to see her again for the first time in 9 days. We just hung out at the carnival for a little bit (it was freaking hot) and then afterwards, headed to my grandparents to see them. Had a quick drink there and socialized a little bit, then headed to pick up some flowers for my Mom's birthday. Headed home, and we hung out there for a little while before we headed out to dinner.

Made it to Brick Oven and ordered and stuff, I had a really bad stomach ache (one of those fun 'doubling over in pain' kinds) so I didn't eat a whole ton. We drove home and Meg and I were just cuddling in the back and stuff, she was being all sweet to me and kept asking me if I was ok, which was really nice of her :). We dropped her off and I walked her to her doorstep, we kissed, then said goodnight. That's always the hardest part of the evening, when you have to turn around the other way...

Got home with a bit on my mind, so I ended up writing. Still had that stomach ache that I couldn't shake for some reason...

Who knows when I finally slept... wasn't for quite a while. I've really got to change my sleeping habbits.

Sunday: Who knows. Whenever I finally went to bed, I couldn't sleep and so after trying everything and anything to try to get to sleep, I finally slept on the floor.

Monday I worked, a lot. I went over to my grandpa's house and mowed his lawn, then mowed my uncle's lawn, then mowed my neighbors lawn, then mowed my own lawn. Needless to say, I was tired afterwards especially since it was so freaking hot outside...

After I got done, talked to Meg on the phone for quite a while then around seven or so, my family started 'family night' so I got off the phone. After family night, I was supposed to go out to shoot pool with Kimball, but Meg called...

She sounded a little upset on the phone, like she'd been crying or something... Apparently she had gotten into an argument with her mom and she was a little upset. So I talked to her for a little bit trying to somehow make her feel better. She kept telling me that she felt kinda embareassed that she had called up all upset and stuff and I told her that it was totally cool. She asked me if I'd play something on the guitar and I told her of course I would. So, I played 'Holiday In Spain' by Counting Crows, told her I loved her and asked her to try to get some sleep, then met up with Kimball.

It was great to be able to get out and shoot pool with Kimball, we haven't done that in quite a while. Good to forget any problems for a little bit and just have a good time. It's great to be able to go out with just Kimball and I and have a good time.

Tuesday came sooner then I thought. I was going to try to wake up early and catch Meg before she left for work just so I could tell her I love her, but I didn't quite wake up in time...

My grandpa came to help me finish my door so we worked on that for a little while. Then I tried to get some ebay stuff done and eventually did. Cole came over for a little while and we had somewhat of a four way conversation talking to Meg and Mollie on the phone. After Cole left, then I was still on the phone for a while talking with Meg, Kar, and Mollie. Then they had to leave so I hopped in the shower and went to mutual.

After mutual, we all went out to Wendy's for dinner. It was a short visit, maybe 45 minutes at the most, but we got to spend a little time together, so it's all good.

After I was home, I called Trish and she stopped by with Emmy and Beth for a little bit and we just goofed off for a little while. It was really cool to see them all again. Trish, Beth and I are all going to Tour together, which should be a blast.

Anyways time to start the day!


Friday, July 08, 2005

Titles are for Losers

by Blink-182

[this one is from Meg about 9:45PM yesterday]

hey handsome!

Wow sorry i have taken forever to write you back. I have been kinda busy.which is no reason to not write the mosty amazing guy in the world.

So hun how was your day?! i hope you had a good day. I hope your doing great!! Well hmm my day where to start lol. Jk well i went to work at two. It was pretty slow, but its was alright. it took forever for the day to go by. But it was pretty fun. I had fun with all the people and met some new people so it was nice. Then i had to close today which isnt as fun as it seems lol. I had to help close up the store which isnt to fun. But hey work is work. Then i came home and had to babysit daisy. I was trying to talk to people, but there is somthing about little kids thats more then interestin then the computer. lol go figure people are more fun then computers haha that was dumb. Any ways i was play with her for a while she is so dang cute. i mean she is realated to me she has to be haha JK. We were talking and it was so cute...she kept saying geek and nerd. So i would ask her is ceartain people nerds or geeks and the only ones she would call geeks and nerds was me and you lol.

Shoot....dang i was going to say a ton of cute things and then i just forgot all of them. Sorry i am really sorry. I should really be more cute to you. Since you are always cute to me! THanks so much shane really you have no idea how much you do for me. It makes me feel so speacial and i hope i make up for a little bit of what you do for me.

Sorry if i am not making any sense haha. I have medicine me and wow i just am out of it lol. Oh well. So are you going to warp tour? i hope so i know you want to go so bad. So i hope you get to go and have a blast! you will have to tell me all about it when you get home or back.

Well i am sorry this isnt so cute or long. I feel bad, you always say cute things and make me feel so happy when i read your emails. i love to get them. and then i send them to you and there just words...i dont say anything cute, or say anything worth reading. BUT i do mean everything i say. I love you so much. and i really mean that. I mean people will talk to me and ask if i say i love you to you. and i say yes. and they just dont get that i really do love you and taht you mean so much to me. more then they can understand. people are always telling me that i am to young to know what LOVE is but i do know will change but as of now i know with all my heart that i am in love with you. Because your so amazing, when you just walk into the room it lights up. and i just cant stop smiling. and when i am with you i just cant explain it but its just a feeling thats good that i love lol. Well hun you have heard me ramble on and on hehe but i better stop blabbing lol. well i love you so much and hope you have fun doing whatever you doing! talk to you later hun...

love me! ~megs~ xoxoxxoxox

[from me 12:22 today]
Hey, I ran short on time last night, and I was wasted after I got home from the bar (to shoot pool :P, it was like a family bar) and so I didn't get to write you and stuff...

Anyways yesterday I just hung out and played a bit of guitar, got a little writing done, I don't recall a lot about yesterday other then just generally hanging out till taking off for Stubs (local place in town) to shoot some pool.

So, Dan and I left and met up with some of Dan's buddies, Steve and Bill. We shot pool for a few hours, and just talked and stuff. I really did quite crappy... Normally I'm halfway decent, but I really sucked last night :) Made maybe two good shots the whole evening, one to win the game, and then sunk four balls in a row, but the rest of the night I shot crap. Absolute crap :P.

Today was a 'take it easy' kinda day. I woke up and called you (which was awesome), had a four hour jam session which was pretty cool. Then just hung around, went out to dinner, and hung around some more and called you.

So, I hope the fireworks were fun and you had a good time :). I can't wait till I finally get to see you again tomorrow. I can't wait, I don't think I'll manage to get much sleep tonight. Too excited for tomorrow :).

Sorry I was a little glum and short when I talked... I'm really worried about Mariah... She'll be alright though, I'll fill you in tomorrow...

Sorry for lack of cute in this email... my minds a little cluttered right now...

I love you, thank you for being such an amazing person. You really do make a difference in my life... and I love it :)


Thursday, July 07, 2005


NP- I Wish I Was a Girl
by Counting Crows

[Thank you for the three of you who have been bearing with me through this little series thats been going on over the last nine days. I'm sure you've rolled your eyes so much that they're about to fall out of your head for all the cheezy 'head over heels in love' stuff, but hey, you don't get a chance to do this every day, right? Plus, we all know I'm too damn lazy to type an entire email out to meg, and then turn around and type about my day AGAIN in this blog. It's fsking cute anyways, so shut up.]

[So, sorry if you aren't really too entertained or anything, I guess thats not the whole point though, this is more of an archive of events for me so one day when I'm old I can log onto and read about my life as a fifteen year old and all the thing I did. Woot.]

[FYI, I need to stop writing balads. I have too many already. Dave, stop me from writing balads.]

[email I wrote yesterday morning at like 11]

Hey babe,

I don't know how exciting or fun this email will be. I kept my promise though, laying in my bed by 11 PM. Though, I still didn't wake up till 11 AM... go figure.

Well, I'm glad you managed to crash, heaven knows you needed some sleep babe. Even angels need rest sometimes. Hopefully your headache went away and you can have some fun this evening after you get off of work.

Three days till I finally get to see you again, time just flies right by doesn't it :P. I'll stop by on Saturday, regardless of if we can do anything or not just so I can see you again... I've missed you more then you know, and I don't think I could go too much longer without seeing your face again.

lol, talking to you every single night at least once has definitely helped me stay sane. Thanks for putting up with my stupidity on the phone every evening.

Hmm... what did I do yesterday. Got up and hopped in the shower and all that jazz, then played guitar and wrote for a little while. Then Dan came outside and asked if I was up to going to Guitar Center, so we drove down there and hung out there for like four hours :).

They had a ton of stuff, but ironically enough, a lot of things that I needed, they didn't have. Go figure...

So, Dan and I just tried out a bunch of guitars and keyboards and drum sets (wow, that sentence probably wouldn't pass an english class...). Played this really nice Gibson SG Standard (a guitar), which I was tempted to buy (it was like 1,200 bucks) but I decided I need to save for my new amp even more.

Came home, played and wrote some more, talked to you on the phone, and that was my day.

Anyways, good luck with the Carnival, that should be some fun. Wish I could be there with you :).

Alright, we'll I'm off to go eat some breakfast (or lunch, cause its noon) and start my day. Sorry for the lack of anything remotely cute in this email... I suck :)

lol, anyways...

I love you a ton, try to get out and do something fun today after work :). I'll try to call you tonight.


[Another email I sent at like 2 in the morning today]

Hey beautiful, (by the way, every time I say that, I mean it)

I didn't much of a chance to really talk to you a whole ton today, it was one of those 'busy but not really' kind of days. But, I'm glad we got to at least talk a little bit.

Sorry I didn't call you tonight either... I felt really bad. I'll try to post my reasoning as to an 'explanation' (which when translated, is 'pathetic excuse') a little later in the email...

Today I woke up and was fortunate to be able to talk to you first thing in the morning (or afternoon, since I got up pretty late). After I was off with you, Dan took me to down town Boise where he showed me this awesome record store.

Now, this record store like blew the pants off any other record store I've been to. These guys had absolutely any CD you could imagine (though, of course, I managed to find exactly which ones they DIDN'T have, stupid people who don't carry Motion City Soundtrack...). I finally was able to find my Counting Crows: Live in NYC CD that I've been hunting for forever, and Audioboxer by Something Corporate. I was trying to find something to bring home to you, but I wasn't exactly sure what to get... We might have to discuss your musical preferences a little bit more hun ;).

Came home and restrung Dan's classical guitar and played that for a little while and then ate dinner. I wanted to call you both dinner while I was restringing the guitar, and then after dinner, but I realized you were at work from 2-7 today... stupid me :P.

A little after dinner, Dan threw in the Bourne Identity, which I thought was a pretty good movie. Then I talked to you upstairs for a sec before he threw in the Bourne Supremacy and I spent the rest of the evening watching that. It was about 11:30 when that got over, which I was afraid was a little too late to call you...

So, there's my pathetic excuse for not calling you, and I feel really bad... Watching a movie just isn't the same without you there, and isn't nearly as fun. I really hope you got out and did something fun tonight. I can't wait till I see you again, only a few more days.

I really don't know what my point of this whole email was... I really didn't say anything cute and just rambled on about watching movies and going to a record store for a few paragraphs... so I'm sorry this one wasn't amazing.

I couldn't manage to sleep at all so I decided that writing to you might help me get a little bit off my mind. I'm kinda set on overdrive right now and my head is swimming through a mess, even though I'm not quite sure what the mess is, cause things really are going pretty great. I love being out here, the only thing that's missing is you...

You really do mean the world to me, I question sometimes how great of a job I do at trying to make sure that you know that. Because you being happy is the thing that makes my life a little bit brighter, and I'm sure I could do a lot better to make you feel like the perfect angel you are... I don't why I'm feeling insignificant, like I'm somehow letting you down, because you've never been less then absolutely amazing. You've always been extremely kind to me and always have something cute to do or say, even if you don't recognize it. I thank you for helping me wake up smiling when I think about you and for all the little blessings you give me.

You do so much, I swear I can't compare. It's really hard to compete with perfection :).

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I love you.

Thanks for bearing with me, I'm not quite sure what I'm thinking or writing about, and I'm sure it doesn't quite make sense, but I'll blame that on the fact that its two AM :P. Thanks for listening to me hun, you're the absolute best.

I finally finished my song (well, at least the one I told you about after you bugged me for it, lol) and it turned out a lot better then I think it did... so we'll have to see how it works out.

I love you and can't wait till I get to see your smiling face again, to hold you again, to be able to get lost inside you and remember how lucky I am to have an angel like you.

"I miss everything about an angel..."


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Fourth of July (wow, what a unique title...)

NP- Mrs. Potter's Lullaby
by Counting Crows

[email from meg early morning on July 5th, probably about one AM]

hey handsome!

Hows your day been hun? i hope great :D Wow i am so tired hehe but i have to write you since you wrote me two emails andi havent writen back to either one yet.

So yeah today and yet not fun at the same time. Hahah we had a huge mix up didnt we...well at least its all said and done right. and its all fixed :) Which i am glad for.

Wow babe my mind is so not working i cant even think staright haha. (when do i ever?) lol/

dont you just love how my pargraphs are like one sentance long oh makes the email longer and easy to read...ok now i am just blabing. So forgive me if i say anything stupid or boring. I feel bad cause i am not being all cute....:( and i really want to be and make you smile...but right now its just not here..well i am not

I think that is way cute that your writing a song orange its so original...oh yeah wait you lied to me you didnt write a song about and orange...JK wait i dont even remeber if you said orange or not. man i am really losing it. i need some coffee JK. i would never drink coffee would i? lol

Man i feel like crap cause i havent said one cute thing yet in my email and i am so so so so *SO* sorry really i am but hun, i am brain dead. And i have to get up early in the moring and then go to work so i need some sleep. Man i am a jerk i am so so sorry. i love you so so so much (haha dont you just love all my 'so's' any ways you mean the world to me more then you will ever know...really i mean that. alright hun sweet dreams! and HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! talk to you tomorrow!

love always Megs

[email from me around 11AM]

Hey babe,

Forgive me if this one isn't really long, I'm up a little late today and I still need to hop in the shower and possibly get some writing done now that I have a deadline ;)... lol, but I realized I have to write you, not writing you is like a sin or something :P.

lol, I could tell you were just a little bit tired in the last email, I hope you managed to get at least a little bit of sleep. You really didn't have to write me back last night... I would have rather you gotten some sleep, heaven knows you needed it :). Regardless, it WAS cute and it made me smile, just something cute to read before I went to bed.

Yesterday was an interesting day to put it in simplest terms. I woke up, took a shower, then talked to you on the phone for a little bit. Then Felicia stuck in 'Without a Paddle' and I watched that with her and Dan. I thought it was pretty funny, but not as funny as everyone hyped it up to be.

After that, I played guitar for a while and did a little bit of writing, then I got some ideas for recording, so I worked on that for a few hours till I ran out of creativeness (lol, is that a word?) and decided to stop. Then I ate dinner and got ready to go. Got that phone call from you right as I was walking out the door.

I'm sorry I'm so retarded. I couldn't really hear you on the other line, and things got just a tad mixed up. Then the whole way up I was trying to process it all in my head thinking "Wait, this doesn't really make sense'. And then I had crappy reception up there, meaning I couldn't call you and was stuck to trying to figure it all out over text messages :P.

Oh well, everything is all fixed now. Sorry I'm such a retard... I got a little worried and my stomach didn't sit right, but I guess thats what happens when you think you've lost an angel...

But, thank heavens I didn''t.

lol, anyways, we'll skip that part, pretend it didn't happen or something :).

After I got home and called you, Dan and I watched The Eagles in concert till I fell asleep. Then I came upstairs to find the cute email that you sent me.

Alright babe, well I better get my butt in gear. Try to have a little fun at work today (at least, as much as you can). I love you more then you know and I hope you never forget that. You are my angel, and an amazing person who helps me to be a much better person then I am now. You give me a reason to wake up each day and I look forward to every single moment I get to spend with you. I love you.


Sunday, July 03, 2005

Oregon Trail

NP- Miss America
by Something Corporate

[email I got from Meg on 7-2-05]
hey babe,

Its funny i telll everyone i am going to idaho and there all 'crap'. and i will be like what and they well be like: i know who is up there your going to see him. I laugh and say that i am not but i wish...I hope you have fun in Oregon. sounds very realaxing to me...just sitting in a cabin in the moutains. i love the moutians, there just so...i dont know there is just somthing about them,and i dont know what it is.

So guess what i couldnt sleep But its all good. i guess. Any ways the concert sounded fun. wish i could have been there. you like country! shane how could you!! jk...i like some rascal flatts and a couple others.they are pertty good. i was reading your email...and when you talked about naming every guitar and amp ect. i laughed and thought about the other nigth when we were at your house and you kept, doing that lol. It made me miss you a ton. but in a good way if that makes sense...i am sure it doesnt lol but oh well.

Well i have to pack today and i am way to lazy to lol. I have to get my new room settled too. guess what its finally all painted! took a long time but its finally all done.

hmm yeah watching movies arent as fun with out you there with me...i get bored really easy now lol. but hey i actually watch the movie now and its werid i actaully know whats going on now haha. and i cant remeber the whole movie...but when i was with you all i could remeber was you...not the moive. not that i am complaing i like it better that way ;).

I dont think i will get to hear your voice untill monday...unless you call karlees cell and then get the number for her grandparents then. so if you do that will be cool and if you dont...then you dont lol. her number is 801-836-0033. if you need it. although since you two have your own little realtion ship i am sure you dont need it. JK yeah and no worries about me running off with any other guys...its funny yesterday a couple of my fiends (guys) lol were flirting with me and being really sweet. but i was like thanks it means a lot...but really i just wished i was talking to you instead of them, i can feel bad for saying that but its the truth.

Sorry i cant think of a ton of cute things to say...but my brain is kinda dead lol. But you do mean the world to me...and i love you so much. I miss you like crazy haha that sounds funny, any ways i do miss you a ton. But i am so HAPPY you are having makes me feel good that your having a good time.

So how the jam sessons going? fun, i hope. Are you learning anything new...remeber you have to play for me when you get back your not getting out of it lol ;)...well if you really dont want to i wont make you...but i would love to hear you.

thanks for sending me the emails...i read them over and over makes it seem like your here for a little bit. your so sweet...really you are.

isnt kinda funny how we just clicked...i mean we really didnt know each other that much in school and now look at us...i am way glad we got to know each other and you signed my yearbook cause with out i doubt we would even be talking right now...thats sad to think i will stop hehe...

Alrighty babe sorry its not the longest email, or the cutest. But i have to go get my butt in gear. and get ready to go to idaho...I love you so much have an awesome time.

love always

meg xoxox

[email I sent while driving to Oregon]
Hey hun,

Well, I'm just sitting in the car on my way to Oregon, decided that I'd start writing this now just incase I end up on a four wheeler trip out to the lake late at night and don't manage to write you back in time.

I'm sure you'll have some fun in Idaho, might be nice to get away from everything and just take a little out-of-state break and have some fun. I'm really glad its while I'm gone too though, that way I don't have be away from you any longer then my Idaho trip.

Yeah, the mountains are awesome, between being in the mountains and thinking of you, maybe I can write something half decent. Idaho really has been a great chance for me to get away from absolutely everything and just have some fun. I was getting a little tired of AF and all these little problems and stuff. I don't think I've ever had a real opportunity to get away from my family, and even though I love them to pieces, it's nice to be able to get out and live a little. Gives me a little more independence, which I have been craving for a while...

The one bad thing about being away that I really care about is you... I miss you terribly, and it has only been a whopping two days. I can't wait till I see you again, we'll have to make up the nine days I've missed with you and have some fun ;).

Good luck with Alex and Logan, I really don't know what to tell you as far as that goes. You're in a bit of a tricky situation and it seems like they won't take 'no' for an answer... Just be careful not to lead them on, cause five bucks says Alex will take any little bit of flirting you do with him and think it means that you want to marry him :P. Then he'll have to cry about it later, blah, blah, blah.

I think I might need to hang out with you and them at the same time. That might make a few things clear to them and maybe they'll stop whining and treat you right ;).

If they don't treat you right and keep whining and pulling the crap that they are now, I might have to force them to change their ways... If all else fails, make Karlee kill them while I'm gone.

lol, I know. How dare I like country. I never thought that I would end up saying that, but there was some really great guitar last night... that show was just really fun :). As far as the amp thing goes, I should really not do that anymore, I'm sure it bugs the crap out of everyone and anyone around me. I could talk to Dan about it though, cause he knows what I'm talking about... But I'm sure that everyone else (including you) would rather I shut up and watch the show/movie/whatever :). If I ever blab on about that, just tell me to shut up (or kiss me, its hard to talk when we're doing that ;)...)

Sorry that I was so wasted on the phone... I really felt bad afterwards to have to make you endure that... So please forgive me and try to remember that I'm not entirely retarded, just mostly :).

The jam session last night was awesome, we played for a while and it was awesome to be able to play and have some fun. I promise I'll play for you when I get back. I'm going to try to play a bit in the mountains, get a few songs down and stuff, might prep me to be halfway decent when I'm back in Utah.

That's awesome that you finally got your room done, I'm sure you're happy to finally have that done and be able to start moving in and stuff. I'll have to see your new room when its finished sometime, I'm sure it looks great.

There's still an opportunity for me to go to Warped Tour, around 5 last night when I was writing that email, I found tickets for 26 bucks :). So here's hoping that works out. maybe we'll really luck out and you can go to Warped Tour in Utah too.

Yeah, it is definitely cool that things just clicked for us, I mean, right off the bat from day one when we watched Hitch at Jen's. I never would have seen that one coming when I first met a cute brown haired girl in seminary that I was a little scared to talk to, but kept my eye on her and snuck glances over at her throughout class (whenever I was there, or if Matt and I weren't asleep). I'm glad the last week of school worked out and we actually started talking a little bit. I'm really glad things worked out, because it is such a blessing to have you in my life. You solve problems without even knowing what you do...

Now I'm grateful that I actually went to Seminary once and a while :). Maybe that was my blessing, wow I guess Seminary really DID pay off.

I kinda wish that we knew each other on the terms we do now, might have made school a little more fun for me. I'm so glad that next year we'll get to see each other every day.

Hey, your email was plenty long, and definitely cute. I smile every single time I hear from you and it makes my day. Then I always have 'I' must be the luckiest guy ever' running through my mind.

Alright well we're almost here, so as soon as I get a connection of some sort, then this email should send. Remember how much I love you and I can't wait till I see you again...


[email I sent while on the way back from Oregon]

>Hey beautiful,
>Well, I'm headed back from Oregon right now and taking advantage of
>the two hour trip to write a little bit and say 'hey'. Anyways, I
>hope you're having a blast with Kar in Idaho while you're up there.
>Sorry our little phone call while I was up in Oregon was kinda short
> and hard to hear. I had like zero cell phone reception up there,
>so I could barely hear you... It was extremely sweet of you to call
>me though :). Made me feel loved.
>Anyways, I had no internet access, so I couldn't shoot off the other
> email I wrote on the way UP to Oregon either. It was kinda nice to
> totally be away from everything though, definitely relaxing,
>quiet, and nice.
>But after we got up there, we just kinda hung out and ate dinner,
>then we all played Cranium for a little while (guys versus girls,
>the guy won ;) ). It was just really laid back and nice. Dan made
>me play guitar for everyone afterwards. My voice was really crappy
>and kinda harsh, which didn't help my already sucky singing voice
>sound any better... It turned out half decent I guess though :P.
>Then we all just kinda settled down and watched a movie. I had a
>hard time sleeping, I kept thinking about a girl named Meg and
>wondered what she was up to in Idaho ;).
>Woke up around 8:30 ish (early for me) and ate breakfast. Then I
>went out to the deck and played guitar for a little bit. I haven't
>been able to catch a chance to write anything, even up there. lol,
>maybe I never will...
>Afterwards, we headed out to another town about 45 minutes away to a
> huge flea market kinda thing for a little while. Came back and
>just hung out at the house and ate food and talked about different
>Then I watched Hitch for the 4th time :).
>lol, that brought back just a few memories of a girl and I laying on
> Jen's floor cuddling... I'm so grateful that we were able to have
>that night, cause for me, it changed everything and opened up so
>many doors... made my life a whole lot better ever since you came
>into it.
>And yeah, that was my weekend. It was definitely a great time. I
>kept thinking I had some kind of responsibility of some sort, like
>I was supposed to be doing something. But it was nice to not have
>to worry about things and have a time to think about everything. I
>guess thats what this whole trip has been about for me, a chance to
>forget my problems.
>The only thing is, no matter where I am, you're always on my mind.
>Not that that's a problem of any kind ;). It's nice to keep a piece
>of you with me all the time.
>Man, now I made myself all loney :P. I definitely miss you a ton...
>five more days :). We'll have some fun whenever I get back.
>Alright, well I'm going to get a little sleep before I we get back
>to the house. I love you and can't wait till I see you again. Have
>fun while you're in Idaho and you'll have to tell me all about it.
>I'll call you on Monday on Kar's cell and so I can talk to you
>again, maybe we can really have a conversation, unlike today when I
>could barely hear you.
>lol, anyways, I love you lots and lots and lots (and lots), I'll
>talk to you as soon as I can, I love you.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


by Lonestar

[A really cute email I got from Meg]

hey Hun,

I know what you mean I miss you already. I had to set my status to offline just so I could write I would try to write something and some one kept interrupting me.

Hmm after you left here, I just sat around. I went to Bryce's and hug out with him, Evan, jack, karlee, and Mollie for a little while. Then I went to Karlee's house and tried to learn how to C-walk didn’t work to well, but I will get it someday I hope hehe. then I came home and watched a movie with my bros and then talked to you for a while. And of course played mommy. when I got of the computer, daisy woke I didn’t get to sleep for a while after that. Finally I had to take her to my mom, I felt bad but I just couldn’t stay awake with playing 'mommy' didn’t work to well I don’t think I passed lol. but there is always another night. after I got in my bed I couldn’t go to sleep go figure lol. I just kept thinking about this amazing guy...

now this guy is just the sweetest thing you could ever know...I don’t think he even realizes how much he means to me. see when he just say hey to me, I light up and cant stop smiling. when he holds me I just feel amazing and every care just slips away. when he kisses me its like the world stops and its just me and him.

I understand completely about the Love thing...the way you explained it was me you can love with all your heart now, but the next day isn't the same cause you care about the person even more. so love is just changing all the time...faster for some and slow for others. for me its going pretty fast. see I met this kid at school, never talked to him much. thought he was funny and cute. but I wouldn’t talk to him I just felt to dumb

Then year book day came and he helped me into a line...doesn’t seem like a big deal...but it was to her. then he wrote in her year book a email address. I thought cool, but didn’t think any thing would happen form a email. just a hey now and then, nothing big. but then she started talking to him and realized how great of a guy he was. then she came home and started hanging out with him...and her life hasn’t been the same.

Shane, you have made a big difference in my life and I want to thank you for it...your amazing. there are they guys that you meet and you think there amazing but then you find out there not...then there is the few people that you meet and you think they will just be friends...and then they happen to mean to world to you.

I can say with all my heart and know its true that I love you, and care about you even more the you know!

haha I have been serious for a while, I have to make some kind of joke but I have I don’t know what to say for once in my life *gasp* lol jk

Well Shane I hope you have a awesome time...sounds like you will. have fun doing everything you have planed. I will talk to you later babe.....and baby I am amazed by you with all my heart, love Meghan

[Another email I sent to Meg]
Hey babe,

Ironic that you're the one headed out to Idaho, at least we're both gone at the same time, that was we won't miss each other when we both get back :). I can't wait to just be with you again... I miss that feeling. I hopefully will be able to call you really soon (gonna be tricky considering that you'll be gone). If all else fails, I'll call you on Monday because I really want to be able to talk to you again.

I'm really sorry your day was a little crappy and filled with some guy issues... I know how that goes. If there's anything I can do to help in any possible way, make sure I know and I'll try to fix it.

I'm probably not thinking straight right now, cause it's a little after four in the morning right now, and I'm a little tired. So this one probably won't be as long as I promised it would... and for that, I'm sorry... I did however promise that I would write an email, and I don't think I could make it through a whole day without writing to you. Its the only real way that I get to experience a piece of the day with you.

Alright, now to think of todays events...

I woke up at like 9:45 and took a shower, then hung out and stuff till a little bit after 11 and went over to Felicia's (Felicia is Dan's daughter, FYI) friend's house, Holly to watch movies and stuff. I just kinda hung out and acted lazy and we watched Coach Carter (which I now find to be a dumb movie). Then I borrowed Felicia's phone and sent you all those text messages cause I really missed you and I realized that I don't like movies as much without you there ;).

Ate some dinner back at Dan's, then headed out to the concert.

Normally, I'm not really a country fan. But believe it or not, I think this kinda converted me... The two bands before Lonestar were pretty good and were fun to listen to. After Lonestar came out though, everyone went crazy. There were TONS of people there and it was a really fun concert. I enjoyed checking out all their gear and watching how the band played together and stuff (I love the technical stuff, I watched their lead guitarist very closely and had to make a comment about every guitar he played, every amp he played, any effects he played through, ect.). But it was really cool how well they harmonized and put everything together. There were countless times throughout the concert that I wished that you were there with me, would have been fun to dance to all the slow songs. I watched all the other couples dancing and stuff and was thinking 'It would be so cool to be able to dance with Meg to this song and be able to kiss her again...'. It just would have been kinda romantic and cute.

See, if I was a perfect guy, I'd be able to pull off stuff like that, but I end up finding cute things I could do with you when I can't do them with you. Go figure.

But yeah, great concert. Got home a little after 11 or so, and Dan and I started having a bit of a Jam session which continued until a little after three in the morning. Then I settled down and started writing this email around 3:45. It's now about 4:30 or so, give or take a few minutes. But I realized there was no way I would be able to sleep without reading through the email you sent me a few more times, and then writing a response.

Thank you for absolutely everything. You truly make me a better person, build me up when I'm down, and treat me like I'm something a whole lot more special then I really am. It just confirms in my mind, what an angel you are. Unselfish, loving, beautiful, and amazing...

I love you and can't wait to see you again. I'll be back next Saturday, its only been two days, and it seems like forever already. Try not to run off with any other guys while I'm gone, I promise if you wait till I get back, I'll make it worth the while. lol, jk (well I guess I'm not really kidding about making it worth your while...;) ).

Anyways, I love you. Hope you have an amazing Saturday and are able to get out and do something fun.

Four thirty... I think I just realized how early in the morning that is... I must really love you :).